Amir Hamdi

Litmus Marketing

Litmus is an email testing QA software

During my time at Litmus I got the chance to reshape their visual language and lean into existing company themes to create a unique visuals to separate them in the market. I approached this by using a friendly techy inspired aesthetic to inspire delight with users in hopes they carried that through in their work.

We posted to the blog every couple days and with that came the challenge of creating a featured image that would summarize the article and entice clicks. The featured image was also used to market the article on multiple social platforms. 

There was a monthly ebook that dove deep into nische email topics. To keep users engaged throughout each page was carefully crafted to communicate all points as simply as possible and  delight users with colorful informative images.

But the ebook needed to be found! So I built a landing page for each ebook to preview its content and show prospects there's enough value inside to trade their email address for. 

Infographics were very popular on the blog and social with users too 

Snippets was different part of the site users were trading code with each other to make the HTML email process even easier. Here is a concept logo for Snippets.

This logo was for the Savvy Inbox newsletter, a weekly email series that showed you the latest and greatest in the email industry.

Services - Illustration, Branding, Logo Design, Brand Extension, Signage, Social Media Expression, Print, Swag Design, Web Page Design, Mobile Design, Infographic Design, Simple Animation

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